Decorative Concrete Floor Finishes Gold Coast

Re-Seal Industries Pty Ltd offers a wide array of innovative, hard wearing and economical flooring systems.  Whether it be a complete home, driveway, garage, retail store, commercial office or factory – we have something that will suit your needs.

Concrete can be transformed by texture & colour, giving endless design possibilities that will compliment your project & also provide lower maintenance & longevity.

Polished Concrete

is considered to be one of the toughest flooring finishes, known to endure oil & chemical spills, weathering, high foot & vehicle traffic.  Not to mention it’s pleasing aesthetics.

In essence, polished concrete has been ground progressively, polished with diamond pads & then sealed with a gloss or matte surface coating.

It is a sustainable flooring option, low maintenance, hard wearing & easy to clean.

Suiting residential, commercial & industrial applications – polished concrete life span can be 20+ years.

Concrete Sealing

gives your concrete project a visual enhancement for a fraction of the price of polished concrete.  As a less intensive process, the concrete slab is pressure cleaned & then a topical sealer is applied.

This sealer protects your floor from damage, corrosion, staining & chemicals.

Suiting residential, commercial & industrial applications – sealed concrete’s life span can be 1-5 years.

Epoxy Flooring

is a heavy duty floor coating that offers the same advantages of polished concrete such as enduring oil & chemical spills, weathering, high foot & vehicle traffic – but it gives you an entirely individual look by offering a huge range of colours & textures.

Epoxy coatings are comprised of two main components, resin & hardener.  When mixed together, a chemical reaction occurs & once applied to the floor – turns into a tough, rigid coating that can be mopped, scrubbed & scraped with little to no damage whatsoever.

From metallic to solid colours, multi-coloured flake & company logos or sporting emblems applied to your floor…the sky is the limit with epoxy.

Suiting residential, commercial & industrial applications – epoxy flooring’s life span can be 15 – 20 years.

Concrete Re-Surfacing

is a spray-on product that is used to cover & revitalise new & existing external concrete areas.  It provides additional strength to the concrete, along with a slip resistant texture, excellent durability & abrasion resistance.  Not to mention, an appealing new look.

Offering a wide range of colours & designs, you are sure to find the perfect solution to your project.

Suiting residential applications – concrete re-surfacing’s life span can be 8 – 10 years.