Concrete Rectification

Concrete deterioration can be a leading cause of many structural & non-structural problems within a building.

Re-Seal Industries Pty Ltd have an experienced team of remedial technicians that will diagnose & repair the concrete to ensure it is returned to its structural balance & repair any unsightly cracks that may be purely of aesthetic concern.

Using the most advanced technologies in our field, we determine the optimum repair system for each specific application to reinstate the concrete structure to its former self.

Concrete Cancer

Concrete exposed to either atmospheric conditions or environmental conditions that can lead to spalling, more commonly known as ‘Concrete Cancer’.  This causes the concrete to crack &/or break away.

If left untreated, this will greatly affect the structural integrity of the building, leaving an expensive repair bill & the possibility of serious safety concerns.

Concrete Crack Repair

Is the repair of concrete that has developed cracks due to environmental factors, physical damage, chemical damage or perhaps expansion of corrosion products or rust on steel bars.

If ignored, these cracks can widen causing significantly more damage by allowing moisture to seep through – further affecting the structural integrity.